Cosmetic Dentistry, Here’s What You Should Look For

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Cosmetic Dentistry, Here’s What You Should Look For

When looking for cosmetic dentistry services, you need to be certain that you go with a dental office that has options. Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be. However, without having all the options available, you may be missing out on a perfect opportunity for your dental goals. At Softouch Dental Care, we offer an expansive lineup of cosmetic dental procedures that are all geared toward giving you an amazing smile. Below we will discuss some of the procedures and mindsets we bring to the table so that you can see the level of involvement we’re committed to. You shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to your smile, and that’s something we stand by.

Commitment to Your Goals

At Softouch Dental, we prefer to listen more than we talk when it comes to understanding our patient’s goals. As we mentioned, we have numerous methods and procedures that can be used to enhance a smile, but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for you. We want to hear exactly what you want out of your cosmetic dentistry journey and will only offer procedures that we believe can achieve your goals.

We’re not just here to make a buck and push the most expensive or “top of the line” procedure. If that’s the best option for your goals we will mention it, but we will also give you an idea of any other options that can get the job done as well. However, in the rare instance that you may have a more unique dental situation than what we can assist with, we have no problem giving some specialist recommendations. At the end of the day, we want you to feel good about your smile, and whether we’re the ones to help with that or not, your goals are what matter.

A Wide Selection of Options

Our cosmetic dentistry procedure line-up goes from simple teeth whitening, all the way to entire smile makeovers. After our initial consultation with you where we get to hear your goals and aspirations, we’ll begin to curate a dental experience catered to you.

This may include doing a procedure like a gum lift or dental bonding, for instance, where we start to adjust the overall look of your mouth or teeth. It could also be best that we discuss porcelain veneers, which would give you an entirely new smile. In either situation, we will consider how many different procedures would need to be done to accomplish your goals. If we can get it done in one, then that is the procedure we will recommend first. However, we understand that everyone has their preferences. Some of our patients don’t like the idea of veneers and want to work with their natural smile. That’s great! And we want to help make that happen, though we will always recommend the option that serves your goals best.

Continuous Support

Long after your first consultation with us at Softouch Dental Care, we will still be in touch with you to ensure everything is going smoothly. Whether we can do that as your primary dental care provider, or as a place you do follow-up whitenings with. Whatever the case, we are here for all our patients through and through. Some procedures can be quite involved and take a lot out of our patients, and we want to hear about them. That way if we move forward with any other procedures, we can space them out more appropriately so you can have more time to recover.

So no matter what cosmetic dentistry you’re looking for, we hope you’ll consider Softouch Dental Care in Oakton, VA. You can reach us at 703-747-9734.

Woman, Doctor, Dental Office, Smiling, Mirror

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