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General dentistry is at the heart of most dental practices. Its focus is to prevent, diagnose, and treat common oral health problems. By meeting your smile’s fundamental needs, the comprehensive general dentistry services at Softouch Dental Care can help you achieve healthy gums, strong teeth, and a comfortable bite.

For most patients, the first step is to schedule an appointment for an examination and deep cleaning. Arrange your visit to our practice by calling 703-319-6990 today. We proudly serve Oakton, Vienna, McLean, and nearby areas of Northern Virginia.

Our General Dentistry Services

As a partner in your oral health, Dr. Michael Chung is proud to offer a full spectrum of general dentistry services. Drawing on his advanced neuromuscular and cosmetic training, Dr. Chung creates smiles that look and function their best.

Depending on your situation, he may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • Family dentistry: We care for patients of all ages at our dental practice. For children, Dr. Chung offers gentle services with a focus on preventative care. Our comfortable and welcoming environment will help your family’s visits go smoothly.
  • Laser dentistry: Lasers are next-generation tools in dentistry that offer many benefits to patients. They provide greater precision, comfort, and efficiency during treatment. Dr. Chung uses this advanced technology to remove tooth decay, reshape teeth, and accomplish other goals.
  • Gum disease treatment: Gum disease is a common infection caused by plaque and bacteria. It can result in red, swollen gums and persistent bad breath. Left untreated, gum disease can also lead to more severe problems such as tooth loss. Dr. Chung performs scaling and root planning for early stages of gum disease and laser therapy for advanced periodontitis.
  • Root canals: Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, can save your tooth even when the inside is affected by decay or infection. Endodontic treatment can offer relief for many patients suffering from toothaches.
  • White fillings: Tooth-colored fillings are standard in modern dentistry. These fillings blend in with your smile and help rebuild areas affected by tooth decay. If you have traditional metal fillings, Dr. Chung can remove them and replace them with safer, more aesthetic materials.
  • BridgesIf you have gaps left by missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a good solution. This dental restoration can restore your ability to speak and chew and prevent issues associated with tooth loss.
  • CrownsA crown is a great option for treating a damaged or misshapen tooth. It functions like a cap, covering every visible surface of your tooth for a more aesthetic and functional structure. As an added benefit, a crown will help protect your tooth from further damage or decay.
  • Inlays and onlaysAn inlay is used to fill a small, contained cavity. Meanwhile, an onlay covers the cusps and an outside surface of a compromised tooth, functioning somewhere between a filling and a crown. If you have a damaged tooth, a dental porcelain inlay or onlay can potentially enhance your smile.

Signs You Should Visit The Dentist

Most patients should schedule two dental appointments a year. In addition to your regularly scheduled visits, you should contact our office immediately if you have a dental emergency, such as a tooth that has been knocked out. We make every effort to see to dental emergencies as soon as possible.

“Now we actually look forward to all of our dental visits and schedule routine checkups every three months instead of the standard twice a year."

- David & Dalia

You should also contact our dentist to schedule an appointment if you:

  • Experience swelling or bleeding of the gums
  • Are suffering from sensitivity or pain in one or more teeth
  • Have a chipped, cracked, or broken a tooth
  • Have persistent bad breath
  • Have pain in or around the jaw area

Any pain or discomfort in the jaw and mouth should prompt a call to our office. Many small issues can cause these types of symptoms, but left untreated, they can grow into rather substantial problems necessitating invasive and comprehensive dental care.  General dentistry services can correct a wide range of common dental troubles.

We are dedicated to your oral health. No matter if you are visiting us for a regularly scheduled appointment or seeking additional dental services, we will do everything possible to ensure your maximum comfort and satisfaction.

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“Dr. Chung is the best, he has cared for me for over 15 years. He is always available. He has been attentive and taken care of all my issues before they were painful or bad. He has helped me with a good program for taking care of my teeth and they are beautiful. I receive complements about my pretty teeth and smile. The staff is attentive to detail they have prevented the things we dread. I have great respect for his care and his opinions and so happy to have found him.”

– Patricia Debearn

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