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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with correcting malocclusion, as well as a misaligned bite such as overbite, underbite, or crossbite. Almost everyone experiences some small cosmetic or functional bite issue, but when these issues are severe, orthodontic treatment can be used to bring the teeth back into proper alignment correcting both aesthetic and functional issues, and restoring self-confidence in the process.

Dr. Michael Chung offers several alternatives to metal braces for patients who want to bring their smile into alignment. Call Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990 to schedule your initial appointment.

Types of Orthodontics

Dr. Michael Chung offers several solutions for misaligned, crooked teeth. For children, the solution is often wire and bracket braces. These offer the best solution for realigning teeth, but may be too obtrusive or unappealing for our adult patients.

Modern adult orthodontics solutions include:

Instant orthodontics, as the name implies, is the fastest and least invasive method of correcting your bite issues. For qualified candidates, Dr. Chung can custom-create porcelain veneers that can fix several bite issues including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Widely gapped teeth
  • Unevenly sized or shaped teeth

By applying veneers directly over your natural teeth, a straight, white, and seamlessly beautiful smile can be achieved in a fraction of the time required for braces and retainers.

Of course, no two patients are the same. When you come to our comfortable Oakton office, Dr. Chung will work with you on an individual basis to help determine the orthodontic treatment best suited to meet your needs. If you are interested in orthodontics in Northern Virginia, please call Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990 to schedule an initial consultation today.

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“Dr. Chung is the best, he has cared for me for over 15 years. He is always available. He has been attentive and taken care of all my issues before they were painful or bad. He has helped me with a good program for taking care of my teeth and they are beautiful. I receive complements about my pretty teeth and smile. The staff is attentive to detail they have prevented the things we dread. I have great respect for his care and his opinions and so happy to have found him.”

– Patricia Debearn

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