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Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic treatment. Many patients are interested in removing stains and achieving a brighter smile. Our premier cosmetic dentistry practice in Oakton offers several safe and effective options for teeth whitening.

LVI-trained dentist Dr. Michael Chung is here to help you achieve a more confident smile. Contact our office today at 703-319-6990 to learn more. Softouch Dental Care proudly serves Oakton, Vienna, McLean, and nearby areas of Northern Virginia.

In-Office Tooth Whitening with Zoom!

Dr. Chung’s in-office teeth whitening treatment uses the Phillips Zoom! tooth whitening system. It can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades with minimal sensitivity. Patients love that they are in and out of our office in just over an hour.

Throughout your lifetime, there are many factors that dull and darken your teeth. Smoking, heavy coffee drinking, eating dark-colored foods, and poor dental hygiene can erode the brightness of your smile.

The Zoom! whitening system restores your teeth to their natural youthful appearance and gives you the confidence to smile again. There are many benefits to teeth whitening with Zoom!, including:

  • Instant and long-lasting results
  • Fast and easy treatment
  • No pain or downtime
  • Safe and gentle
  • Administered by a trained professional
  • More effective than other whitening systems
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Customized Take-Home Kits

If you’d rather whiten your teeth on your own time, we can give you a kit with a custom-made pair of trays which that fit your upper and lower teeth closely. The kit will also have professional-strength gel, a shade strip to mark your before and after colors, some de-sensitizing gel, several syringes of whitening gel, and an instruction booklet.

If you use this kit daily for a couple of weeks, you’ll be amazed at the change in your smile.

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Our cosmetic dentistry patients are usually thrilled with their tooth whitening results. It’s so quick and dramatic they can hardly believe the difference and they keep checking again in the mirror. Whether teeth whitening is done in-office or at home with our effective take-home kit, you’ll have plenty of reason to smile.

Visit our tooth whitening FAQ page.

Teeth Whitening and Tooth Sensitivity

The bleaching agents that cosmetic dentists use in tooth whitening contain hydrogen peroxide, which can be irritating to the mouth’s soft tissues. To prevent this, Dr. Chung will keep the bleaching agent from reaching your gums and lips. The whitener will only touch your teeth.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may experience increased sensitivity during an in-office Zoom! tooth whitening procedure. If this discomfort becomes pronounced, Dr. Chung will stop your treatment and apply a de-sensitizing gel, which will also be included in your take-home whitening kit. After treatment, some sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages may remain, but this sensitivity will dissipate eventually.

The Dangers of Over-The-Counter Whitening Products

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Many of the negative teeth whitening side effects you’ve heard about occur when patients use store-bought whitening treatments instead of the professional treatments provided by trained cosmetic dentists.

Most store-bought whitening gels contain a combination of hydrogen peroxide and different acids at concentrations which can potentially damage your teeth’s enamel. Applied without supervision, you could accidentally expose your teeth too long to these chemicals, eventually stripping away your teeth’s protective enamel and revealing the yellow dentin layer beneath.

Whitening toothpastes often contain abrasive ingredients that can gradually damage your tooth enamel. As the enamel thins and the yellow dentin layer underneath begins to show through more, store-bought whitening products will gradually make your teeth’s discoloration worse, not better.

Also, because the whitening trays that come with most over-the-counter whitening treatments aren’t custom-molded to fit your teeth, they may allow the harsh solutions in the bleaching agent to spill over onto your gum tissue, causing pain and discomfort. These solutions can also potentially enter your stomach.

Trust Dr. Chung with Your Teeth Whitening

If you are looking to brighten your smile safely and effectively, don’t take chances with your dental health by using store-bought tooth whitening treatments or toothpastes. Instead, call Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990 to schedule a consultation with experienced Northern Virginia cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Chung. He will help you avoid negative teeth whitening side effects and achieve the results you desire. You can also schedule your personalized appointment with Dr. Chung by filling out the Appointment Request Form on this page.

We welcome patients from Oakton, Vienna, McLean, and nearby areas of Northern Virginia.

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