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If you are dealing with a misshapen or damaged tooth, a dental crown may be the ideal solution to restore the look and function of your smile. This frequently-performed general dentistry treatment will protect the structural integrity of your tooth for years to come. Getting a crown is a simple step you can take to prevent your current dental issue from getting worse and requiring more involved treatment.

At Softouch Dental Care, we are deeply committed to the health and beauty of your smile. Led by experienced, LVI-trained dentist Dr. Michael Chung, our team will help you figure out if a crown is the right option for your needs and budget.

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What is a Porcelain Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also known as a tooth crown, is essentially a tooth-shaped cap that can be placed over teeth that have been weakened through trauma or decay. Unlike an onlay, which covers a small area of a tooth, a crown encases everything above the gum line.

These restorations are highly customized to ensure that they fit comfortably and securely in place. Once a dental lab has manufactured the crown, it is permanently cemented to the tooth and gives it an entirely new surface and shape. Teeth crowns can be placed over any tooth, back or front.

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There are several different types of crowns available today. These restorations can be made with stainless steel, metals, or resin. However, those materials come with drawbacks, such as being noticeable in the mouth or highly susceptible to wear and tear. For those reasons, Dr. Chung chooses to offer pearly-white, all-porcelain tooth crowns as they are arguably the best solution for cosmetic and functional restoration.

The Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns

Dental crowns made of porcelain offer all of the restorative benefits of traditional metal crowns, but are completely undetectable. Because they are customized for each patient, porcelain crowns perfectly complement individual smiles to restore function without compromising beauty – a distinct advantage over metal alternatives.

Porcelain dental crowns offer several benefits, including that they:

  • Cover and protect a compromised tooth
  • Improve tooth appearance
  • Blend in with the surrounding teeth to look virtually unnoticeable
  • Only require two office visits to complete
  • Are long-lasting

Who is a candidate for Dental Crowns?

The best way to learn if porcelain crowns are right for you is to schedule an in-office appointment with Dr. Chung. He will examine the condition of your teeth and discuss the results that you hope to achieve. Generally speaking, crowns may be appropriate if you are looking for a way to restore and protect a compromised tooth.

You may consider getting a crown if you have:

  • A very large cavity
  • Undergone root canal therapy, also known as endontics
  • An old filling that takes up ¾ of the tooth
  • A significantly discolored tooth
  • A tooth that is a different size or shape than the surrounding teeth

Depending on your specific concerns, Dr. Chung may determine that placing a crown will sufficiently address your problems. However, there are some circumstances where he may recommend placing a crown in conjunction with another dental restoration. The two restorations that are frequently used alongside crowns are bridges and implants.

A dental bridge consists of aesthetically pleasing, color-matched false teeth that serve to close gaps in your smile left by missing teeth. There are several types of bridges and methods of holding them in place. In many cases, a crown can support a bridge.

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Meanwhile, a dental implant is a small titanium post used to replace the root of a missing tooth. Once the implant fuses with the jawbone, a restoration such as a crown or implant-supported bridge can be attached to the top.

Our Dental Crown Process

The dental crown process requires two office visits. These appointments involve preparing the tooth and placing the crown. Though the service is well-tolerated by many patients, you may consider sedation dentistry to feel more at ease during the treatment.

The following steps will take place during your first visit:

  • Numbing the area
  • Removing decayed or damaged tissue
  • Preparing the tooth
  • Taking an impression to send to the dental laboratory
  • Placing a temporary crown

When you return for your second visit approximately two weeks later, you can expect Dr. Chung to:

  • Numb the treatment area
  • Remove the temporary crown
  • Place your new crown and examine it for fit, comfort, and appearance
  • Permanently cement the porcelain crown in place

Porcelain crowns are incredibly durable. After you leave our office, you can expect to enjoy your new tooth for decades. For best results, maintain a good oral hygiene routine that involves regular brushing and flossing.

Keep in mind that despite your best efforts to preserve and protect your crown, minor issues can occur. Contact our dentist right away if you have any problems, such as a loose or chipped crown. Often, Dr. Chung can easily fix these concerns to restore the look and function of your restoration.

Patient Testimonial

"I have received endless compliments on my smile. When I am on TV hosting a skating event, I smile with confidence and that smile creates a warm and welcoming feeling for the audience. Dr. Chung and his team are very friendly and professional. Thank you, Softouch Dental!” - Micheal Weiss

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