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Why would my gums need to be recontoured?

They might only need that if you feel your smile is too “gummy” or your teeth are “too short”. Sometimes the gums extend further along the tooth’s surface, hiding part of the teeth and creating that childlike look of small teeth and too much gum. Our soft tissue laser can be used to deftly remove tiny pieces of gum, revealing more of your teeth and balancing your smile.

Does Gum Recontouring Hurt?

No, not typically. Dr. Chung does numb the gums first. It’s a quick and easy procedure, and the laser is silent and very precise.

The soft tissue laser does not cut the gums or burn them. It simply breaks down some of the cellular connections so that, on this microscopic level, gum tissue is disconnected and disappears into the air. It’s vaporized.

If you are a person who feels anxious at the very thought of a dental visit, we can give you a mild sedative to help with relaxation. We do not like to cause discomfort to any patients, and we will do whatever is necessary to keep you comfortable and calm.

Might The Gum Tissue grow back later on?

No. Once it is removed, it will not grow back.

Could the Laser hurt my eyes?

No. You would not be looking at it. It shines from a small hand-held device which Dr. Chung directs specifically at the areas of gum needing treatment. The laser light has a small diameter (a few millimeters), and Dr. Chung holds it close to the gums for only a few seconds. Before your treatment, he would adjust the laser settings for your particular needs.

Is there any bleeding?

No, little or none. That’s because the laser seals the gum tissue as it works. This gives the added advantage of making infection highly unlikely. In the old days of our grandparents’ dentistry, a scalpel was used for gum work, and this did cause bleeding, occasional infection, and pain. Dr. Chung is a fully trained and well experienced cosmetic dentist and has the best modern dental equipment.

We see only two or three patients per day. We like to give you our undivided attention and the best dental care possible. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please call Softouch Dental Care at 703-319-6990 today. Dr. Chung and our team can answer your questions about gum recontouring and give you a tour of our comfortable facility.

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