Laser Dentistry and Dental Technology

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Modern technology has revolutionized dentistry, and Dr. Chung has made it a point to be a part of that revolution. Softouch Dental Care boasts a full array of the latest in laser dentistry and dental technology in order to provide high quality, state-of-the-art services for our patients.

State-Of-The-Art Dental Technology

Dr. Chung uses the dental technology at Softouch Dental Care to make each patient’s experience comfortable, efficient, and effective. You may benefit from some of the following technology when you visit our Northern Virginia office.

  • Myotronics K7 & TENS Unit for the diagnosis of malocclusion and treatment of TMJ. The K7 system helps Dr. Chung determine the most comfortable and functional position for your bite and the TENS unit delivers low-frequency impulses to the jaw muscles to help them relax into their natural position.
  • NewTom 3D Cone Beam Imaging captures 360° views of the head and jaw area for use in TMJ treatment and implant planning.
  • TRIOS 3D Scanner easily and comfortably takes digital impressions of your smile for use in treatment planning.
  • E4D crown design and fabrication system for dental crowns in one visit.
  • Platele-Rich Fibrin (PRF) for bone and soft tissue healing and regeneration during implant dentistry procedures.
  • Needle-free anesthesia, approved by the FDA, this nasal spray eliminates the need for needles for some patients.
  • Digital x-rays and hand-held digital x-rays provide more convenient and comfortable imaging solutions for our dental patients.
  • Intra-oral cameras for better views inside the structure of your mouth in full color during treatment.

Laser Dentistry

A truly modern practice is not complete without dental lasers. Lasers significantly improve accuracy and efficiency, while minimizing bleeding, reducing pain, and speeding up recovery.

Dr. Chung uses four different soft-tissue and hard-tissue lasers for cosmetic procedures and for minimally invasive general dentistry. Some of the procedures he uses lasers for include:

Lasers operate at precise wavelengths to produce specific desired results. This precision affords several advantages of using lasers over traditional methods:

  • Reduced need for local anesthetic and more painless procedures
  • Increased healthy tissue left in place during cavity treatments
  • Cauterization during treatment kills micro-organisms to eliminate infection risks
  • Less bleeding because the laser seals tissues as it works on them
  • Reduced need for pain medication or downtime following laser procedures
  • No annoying, whiny drill noise!

Are you ready to experience the comfortable, effective dental experience that the latest dental technology can provide? Call Softouch Dental Care today at 703-319-6990 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Michael Chung. We welcome patients throughout Oakton, Vienna, and Northern Virginia.

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