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Fear of the dentist and anxious feelings about dental procedures can be overpowering. If you avoid the dentist for these reasons, you may benefit from sleep dentistry, which is also called sedation dentistry.

For people living in Reston, Alexandria, Oakton and Arlington, Northern Virginia, dentist Dr. Michael Chung provides sleep dentistry and comfortable amenities to ease your fears and anxiety. Learn more by calling us at 703-319-6990.

Is Sleep Dentistry right for you?

For the patient who is overwhelmingly uncomfortable at the dentist's office, there are many advantages of sedation dentistry. Sedation is beneficial if you have:

  • Past dental trauma or negative experience
  • Anxiety about smells and sounds at the dentist's office
  • Pain in your back, neck or shoulders while in the dental chair
  • Discomfort or anxiety sitting through a dental appointment
  • Sensitive teeth or gag reflex makes dental appointments unbearable
  • Multiple dental treatments in one appointment

Generally, if fear, anxiety or discomfort at the dentist is causing you to avoid regular teeth cleanings and exams, sleep dentistry may be right for you.

Some patients have experienced traumatic dental appointments as children or young adults, and this experience prevents them from visiting the dentist as an adult. Neglecting routine teeth cleanings and exams is bad for your dental health. Sedation dentistry lets you relax so you can attend these appointments comfortably.

Sleep Dentistry vs. Sedation Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is another name for sedation dentistry. "Sedation" is a little more accurate because, at Softouch Dental Care, we do not sedate you to the point of being unconscious or asleep.

We use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or a pill to provide relaxing, conscious sedation. With oral sedation, you can respond to our questions and instructions while remaining in a relaxed state. Although you will be awake during your appointment, you may not remember the procedure later.

With oral sedation, you take a pill prior to your actual dental treatment. While you are reaching a relaxed state, our team provides amenities to increase your comfort. We offer:

  • Supportive neck pillows
  • Soft blankets
  • A wide selection of iPod music
  • Refreshment bar
  • Dental chairs designed for maximum comfort

By using oral sedation and nitrous oxide, we provide sedation without needles. Some people have anxiety about IV sedation, and we prefer to offer our patients a needle-free solution.

For sleep dentistry near Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Oakton and Fairfax, Northern Virginia, please contact Softouch Dental Care by calling 703-319-6990 to schedule a consultation.

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