Common Dental Mistakes That Cause a Dull Smile

Woman,Teeth,Before,And,After,Whitening.,Over,White,Background.,HappyA whiter smile can make a tremendous difference. It affects not just first impressions, and it can boost your confidence. Most people tend to agree, so teeth-whitening products account for over $6 billion worth of sales globally.

Suppose you’ve been using teeth whitening products with little to no results. In that case, you may be making common dental mistakes, from the foods you eat to dental hygiene habits, that could dull your smile. Find out if you’re making mistakes preventing you from having a bright smile, and learn what you can do to achieve the whitest smile possible.

Teeth-Staining Foods

Certain foods and drinks can stain the teeth, making it more difficult to whiten them. Some of the most common staining foods and drinks are:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Berries
  • Foods high in acid, such as tomatoes

These foods and drinks don’t just stain teeth by themselves. In some instances, they can wear down the enamel.

The enamel protects the inner layers of the teeth, such as the dentin, which is naturally yellow. Enamel, on the other hand, has a natural white hue. Damage to the enamel can exacerbate the look of yellowed teeth.

Although enamel doesn’t grow back, it can be remineralized. If your enamel has worn down, the dentist can help suggest treatments to protect your teeth and brighten your smile. They can suggest different diets and provide treatment solutions to help protect your teeth.

Improper Brushing

Improper brushing, whether due to poor technique or an inadequate brush, can cause plaque to remain on the teeth. Plaque, typically a soft and clear or yellow film of bacteria, can harden over time into tartar. Tartar may lead to significant discoloration, and it can only be removed by a dental professional.

Find Professional Teeth Whitening Oakton, VA

Dentists can not only protect and clean your teeth and offer whitening treatments as well. The teeth whitening found at a dentist’s office is far superior to at-home products.

At Softouch Dental Care, Dr. Michael Chung has over 15 years of experience providing exceptional dental care. Under his supervision, you can receive the Phillips Zoom! Whitening method, which offers fast, painless, instant results.

If you’d like the superior results of professional whitening from the comfort of your own home, Dr. Chung can create custom at-home kits.

For your whitest smile, work with Softouch Dental Care. Call 703-747-9734 to schedule your appointment.

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