Why Does Soda Stain Teeth?

Do you love soda but hate what it does to your teeth? Are you wondering, “Does soda stain teeth?” Ask any dentist, the answer will always be a resounding yes. As much as we enjoy a good pop now and again, drinking soda too frequently can have seriously harmful effects on your teeth. While many patients focus on the cosmetic effect, your dentist is more concerned with the impact of soda on your enamel. Soda can weaken your teeth, making your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Many foods can have harmful effects on the overall health and appearance of your teeth. If you consume too much of these harmful foods and drinks, they can stain and damage your teeth, making your smile dull and less healthy. One of the worst beverages for your teeth is soda. Soda is harmful to your teeth in a few ways, including:

  • Large amounts of sugar cling to the teeth, where oral bacteria feast upon it. The bacteria produce an acidic byproduct in the process. This acidic substance breaks down the enamel on your teeth, leading to cavities.
  • Phosphoric acid is harmful to tooth enamel and causes erosion. This erosion can cause other problems, such as sensitivity to hot or cold foods.
  • The dye in soda can stain your teeth, causing them to turn yellow or possibly brown in some cases. The acidic quality of soda leaves teeth even more vulnerable to stains.

Due to the high amounts of sugar, acid, and dyes found in soda, it is a particularly bad beverage for tooth staining and can cause extreme tooth discoloration if soda is consumed regularly.

If your teeth are discolored due to soda consumption, there are teeth-whitening options that might be able to help you get the smile that you want and get rid of unwanted stains.

Read on to learn more about the effects of soda on teeth and what you can do if your favorite drinks have left your teeth discolored.

How Do Beverages Stain Teeth?

The exact science of tooth staining lies in the make-up of a drink. For example, when you research if Coke stains teeth, you’ll find that chromogens and acid are the two culprits. Chromogens are pigmented compounds that give Coke (and similarly dark fizzy drinks) their color. They adhere to your tooth’s surface, causing discoloration. Even if you brush twice a day, it may not be enough to prevent tooth staining if you are a heavy soda drinker.

The acid in sodas like Coke is also problematic because of its long-term negative effect on your teeth’s enamel. When this surface wears down, it becomes more vulnerable to stains — not just from soda but from all types of foods and beverages.

So, in addition to containing tooth-staining pigments, the high acidity levels of soda also make it more likely to cause tooth stains and discoloration. Teeth whitening can help, but be mindful of your diet after treatment. Repeatedly drinking soda, coffee, and other tooth-staining beverages after teeth whitening can darken your teeth again.

Does Sprite Stain Teeth?

You may be curious if drinking clear-colored sodas like Sprite or 7-Up could be better for your teeth. On the one hand, drinking lighter sodas with fewer or no chromogens can post a lower stain risk than darker ones. These sodas also tend to have a lower pH level, meaning they are less harmful to your teeth.

However, just because they are not as harmful as Coke or similar sodas does not mean there is no risk. Like any other soda, Sprite can stain your teeth, but it can still erode the enamel and lead to a higher risk of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Does Sprite Make Your Teeth Yellow?

Many patients are baffled by their tooth discoloration when they don’t drink dark-colored pop. However, the reason their teeth are turning yellow is not due to stains. Instead, the enamel has worn out and become thinner. As a result, the next layer of the tooth — dentin — is now visible. This gives teeth a markedly yellow hue.

Do Fizzy Drinks Stain Your Teeth?

If soda stains teeth, what about carbonated water? Seltzer does not stain your teeth, but it can be a contributing factor to tooth erosion and decay. Like soda, it is still acidic, meaning it is not risk-free.

How To Get Rid of Soda Stains on Teeth

Patients have several options when it comes to getting rid of soda stains on their teeth.

  • Drink less soda. The easiest way to avoid future stains and to protect your smile is to discontinue soda or at least drink it less often. Reducing the quantity and frequency of soda can have a positive impact on your smile.
  • Drink soda faster. When you do have soda, try to drink it within 30 minutes rather than drinking it for long periods of time. The longer you sip, the more sugar settles on your teeth and the more damage the soda can do.
  • Try at-home whitening. Over-the-counter teeth-whitening strips can have a positive impact on your smile, and we can also provide at-home whitening kits to keep your pearly whites glowing.
  • Get professional whitening. The only way to remove tooth stains is through a whitening treatment. Our team at Softouch Dental Care offers tooth whitening in Oakton, VA, that uses the advanced Phillips Zoom! Whitening system.

Don’t Overlook Your Oral Health Needs

If you have soda stains on your teeth, it’s important to work with a skilled dentist who can ensure a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. Working with Dr. Chung, you can receive comprehensive care that addresses your enamel strength, tooth health, any cavities you have developed, and cosmetic concerns you want to address.

If you or a loved one have teeth staining and want to find out more about teeth whitening options that can give you a bright, beautiful smile, please contact Softouch Dental Care today at 703-319-6990 for a free consultation with experienced dentist Dr. Michael Chung.

Our experienced dentist can help determine the best teeth whitening treatment to give you the beautiful smile you desire. We serve patients in Oakton, Vienna, Fairfax, and surrounding areas of Virginia.

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