Does Gum Contouring Hurt?

A gummy smile is a common concern for many people. When excess gum tissue covers a portion of your teeth, you may be left feeling self-conscious about your unbalanced smile. Soft tissue laser gum contouring removes excess gum tissue to expose more of the surface of your teeth and create an even gum line.

We often hear from people who wonder if this gum recontouring procedure hurts. At Softouch Dental Care, we work hard to ensure that our patients experience little to no discomfort.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Chung, he will explain the procedure to you and evaluate your best treatment option. This will include determining the shape of your desired gum line and discussing what areas you are concerned about.

On the day of your treatment, our entire staff will work to ensure that you are relaxed. We understand that going to the dentist is a source of anxiety for many people, and we pride ourselves on making even the most nervous patients feel at ease.

Sedation Dentistry to Ensure a Comfortable Experience

gum contouring patient in OaktonWe offer optional sedation dentistry to help calm you and to make your experience more comfortable.

One option available to you is oral sedation. This is administered in the form of medication that you take upon arrival at our facility. This will give you a calm and somewhat drowsy feeling that alleviates your worries. You should have someone to drive you after the procedure, as the effects wear off gradually.

We also offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, that is continuously administered through a mask placed over your nose. Like oral sedation, it gives you a worry-free feeling. Nitrous oxide is a popular alternative because the effects wear off a few minutes after we stop administering it.

For your comfort we also:

  • Offer warm blankets
  • Provide neck support pillows
  • Have a refreshment bar
  • Limit our number of patients to offer you our full attention

Gum Contouring Procedure and Recovery

During the procedure, Dr. Chung uses advanced equipment to work quickly and with little to no discomfort. Technology has advanced in the field of gum contouring and this procedure is no longer done with a scalpel. Instead, Dr. Chung uses a soft tissue laser that does not cut or burn the gums; it simply breaks down excess tissue on a microscopic level.

This laser treatment causes the unwanted gum tissue to disconnect and disappear. Dr. Chung guides the precise laser beam to gently shape your gum line and contour your new, beautiful smile.

The recovery time is minimal for this treatment. This is largely due to the precise laser sealing gum tissue as it goes. There is little to no bleeding and that reduces the risk of infection. For the recovery process you can expect to:

  • Return to your normal activities the same day
  • See the results instantly
  • Feel fully recovered in as little as a few days

Dr. Chung will provide you with additional directions to follow after your procedure such as avoiding certain foods. He may also recommend pain medication to take for a few days after the treatment if you experience any discomfort.

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